Cooler Insert

No more soggy food, no more cold hands, no more problems!

It's time to leave melting ice behind

Enjoy days of worry free refrigeration on the go.

Turn your cooler into a portable fridge

Have more time for what you LOVE.

Boating, Camping, Tailgating?

Cooler Insert

Revolutionizing the art of packing your cooler

Convection technology keeps your food cool and dry for days.

All chill - No mess

The Cooler Insert will forever change the way you pack and use your cooler.

Our unique and patented design keeps the melting ice separate from your food.

How It Works



By harnessing this naturally occurring process,  both the air and water inside your cooler circulate creating a fridge like environment, so now your food stays cold & dry just like it does at home.
Cooler Insert - Place Cooler Insert in Cooler
Cooler Insert - Fill with Ice
Cooler Insert - Pack Cooler with Food


Cooler Insert

Convenience in your cooler

Keep your cooler packed, siphon out the cold, clean water, add ice, and you’re done!

Gear up for your next outdoor adventure with a Cooler Insert inside your cooler!

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Cooler Insert


Solves EVERY problem in your cooler

The Cooler Insert is designed to properly cool a variety of coolers up to 65 quarts in capacity.  Check the inside dimensions of your cooler carefully to ensure a proper fit.
 Cooler stays neat and organized
 Say goodbye to wasteful zipper bags
 Fit more food in your cooler
 Food stays cold and dry
 Ice lasts longer
 Less work means more time for what you love
Dimensions: 19-1/2″ long x 10″ wide x 11-3/4″ high
Weight:  2-1/2 lbs (when empty)
Save when you buy two or more (2+ for $39.95 each)
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Additional Information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 19.5 x 10 x 11.75 in

Cooler Insert is Made in the USA Lifetime Warranty


Cooler Insert

The ultimate solution to all of your cooler problems

The Cooler Insert is designed to properly cool a variety of coolers up to 65 quarts in capacity.  Check the inside dimensions of your cooler carefully to ensure a proper fit.
 Cooler stays neat and organized
 Say goodbye to wasteful zipper bags
 Fit more food in your cooler
 Food stays cold and dry
 Ice lasts longer
 Less work means more time for what you love
Dimensions: 19-1/2″ long x 10″ wide x 11-3/4″ high
Weight:  2-1/2 lbs (when empty)

What people love about the Cooler Insert

  • “I travel a lot for work and like to eat real food. I own an Orion super cooler and use my Cooler Insert in glacier mode. I often experience up to two weeks of cooling this way. The Cooler Insert is just a better way to keep your cooler cold and dry!"  

    Ray Swift
  •  “As an over the road trucker, I hated spending truck stop prices for ice, and then dealing with a messy cooler as the ice melted. The Cooler Insert sounded too good to be true but I bought two of them anyway. Well, in the three months since I got my Cooler Inserts, I have not had to buy ice once. I just fill them up & freeze them at home, hit the road, and a week later they’re still keeping food cool."

    Jerome E Lesniak
  • “I bought two Cooler Inserts last year over my husband’s objections. We went camping in the Adirondacks for 12 days. We packed our 120 quart cooler with two frozen inserts and all of our food. The ice lasted for 10 days before we had to add any ice. My husband is now a true believer!”

    Leona Ottaviani

    Tom Jones
  • “I was hooked at first sight! Thank you for giving me my time and sanity back while camping!”

    Heather Fernald
  • “What a great product! No more buying ice for weeklong trips! We highly recommend these to all campers or sportsman.”

    Reggie Libby
  • “What a great product! No more buying ice for weeklong trips! We highly recommend these to all campers or sportsman.”

    Reggie Libby
  • "Spent 4 days camping with friends and never needed to replenish the ice. A fine product which I whole heartedly endorse.”

    Randy Cowles 
  • “The ice lasted for over four days, Guess I don’t need to buy a Yeti.”

    Alex Pickel
  • “I love my Cooler Insert! It works even better than I had hoped it would! No more wet & soggy labels, plastic bags, soggy foods. It’s perfect for packing your food, keeping it cold and organized!"

    Ann Merrill 
  • “It made the cooler experience just like a chest refrigerator. No ice mess, the butter stayed hard, nothing spoiled, nothing was soaked or ruined and things were easily moved in and out of the cooler. Thanks for making and selling a great product!”

    Dave Pickhardt
  • “Keeps everything cold and dry for days!”

    Bill Schnorr
  • “I bought the Cooler Insert and it changed my summer. We were able to fill the cooler and not worry about adding ice all weekend. We no longer had to deal with wet, soggy containers and the food stayed cold for the whole weekend. I would highly recommend this insert for anyone who spends time away from their refrigerator.”

    Kathy Perkins
  • “This product is going to save me $5 to $10 a weekend camping. Thanks for a product that works and saves money.”

    Lyman Sweeney 
  • "We’ll come home after four days on the road and there’s still ice in the insert and all of our food is completely dry. It’s worth every penny!”

    Tim Merrill & Bobbi Page
  • “I tested my Cooler Insert with a weekend fishing trip to the St. Lawrence Seaway. All of my food stayed perfectly cold and dry. This thing is a Winner!”

    Virgil Carson 
  • “I used it for Memorial Day weekend when it was “HOT” and we were camping for 4 days, it worked perfectly. No mess, No floating butter, No more wet egg cartons. This is GREAT. . . . . Thank you.”

    Jean Troiano 
  • “We love our Cooler Insert! Keeps everything cold and it’s so easy to use. Recommend it to everyone.”

    Susan Picchione Cruz 
  • “Amazing!  I placed a Cooler Insert into my cooler and loaded it into the RV Friday morning filled to the brim with beer and wine. Everything stayed VERY cold all weekend, even with adding in warm stuff as the weekend went on. When we returned home on Monday – the few items still in the cooler were as cold as ever and there was still an ice block in the Cooler Insert.”

    Kevin Moser 
  • “Love my Cooler Insert. We used it all summer, no more wet items and everything stays cold for days!”

    Brenda Peters
  • “I bought a Cooler Insert and love it. I’m a caterer and it gives me peace of mind not having to worry about anything in the cooler with a Cooler Insert in it.”

    Colleen Nelson Bentley 
  • “Love the fact of not having to buy ice! And what a bonus, that the food doesn’t get soaking wet."

    Sally Faughnan 
  • “Total cooler convenience for all of your camping, hunting and boating adventures.”

    Heather Grapes
  • “We went camping for 4 days and the Cooler Insert stayed frozen with very little melting. It kept everything in the cooler perfectly cold with no need to refill with any ice and no need to drain out any water!”

    Megan Conboy 
  • “It worked beyond expectation. “No soggy mess and cold."

    Brian G. 
  • “Great product!  Now I have a custom cooler and no worries”

    Stan H
  • “I love my Cooler Insert! It’s so easy, it keeps my cooler clean and my food cold.”

    Ann Jones 
  • “It’s the best and most valuable purchase we have ever made for camping. Not only did our food stay cold and dry, but we had ice cold water on demand. Very happy with the product.”

    Brian Gaita 
  • “We LOVE – LOVE – LOVE our Cooler Insert! It’s AMAZING! 

    Janis Curthoy 
  • “I put my Cooler Insert into “Glacier” mode (frozen) and took it to hunting camp for 4 days, The best part was things remained dry and organized even in my 20+ year old cooler, not to mention I didn’t have to stop anywhere for ice. Great investment!”

    Tom Greiner
  • "Being retired we camp and travel as much as we can. In fact recently we drove to Florida stopping when and where we wanted. WOW, we went 2 weeks and only put 3 bags of ice in it. Nothing floating in water, nothing soggy and the ice lasts much longer inside the Cooler Insert."

    Rick Pangborn
  • “I used my Cooler Insert all last season camping.  I’ve got to say it’s very versatile and efficient. It makes packing your cooler really quick and convenient. The best part is nothing gets wet and nothing spoils. I just love it.”

    Tibor Stotz
  • "What an ingenious idea! I don’t care how much $$$ you spend on a cooler – the ice will still melt. Then comes the wet and soggy food, cold hands from digging in the cooler, figuring out how to drain the cooler, etc. The Cooler Insert eliminates all this. Pack your food and drink anywhere in your cooler because it won’t get wet – you even have fresh drinking water when the Cooler Insert is thawed.”

    David Todd 
  • “Initially my husband was skeptical, but not anymore! We just returned from 3 weeks camping in Nova Scotia and could not be more pleased. All of our food stayed cold and dry, nothing was wasted and your unit performed EXACTLY as promised."

    Ginny & Bryan Perkins

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Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes are available?

Currently we only have the one size available.  Although several other models are in the works.  (If you are looking for a particular sized insert please use our contact form and let us know.)

What size cooler does it fit?

The current model is designed to fit in a variety of coolers up to 65 quarts in capacity). Please check the inside dimensions of your particular cooler carefully to ensure a proper fit. Note: The average interior dimensions of a 65 quart cooler is approximately 23″ long x 12″ wide x 13″ high — Be sure to include the space under the lid when measuring for height.  Due to the varying methods some manufacturers use to determine the quart capacity of their coolers the Cooler Insert may actually fit some larger quart capacity coolers like a glove. *Placing the Cooler Insert into a cooler larger than the dimensions specified above may diminish its performance.

What are the dimensions of the Cooler Insert?

The current model is 19-1/2” long by 10” wide by 11-3/4” high. The lower floor measures 2” tall.

Will the Cooler Insert work in a wheeled cooler?

The Cooler Insert was originally designed to be used in a traditional flat bottom cooler. The insert works best when it’s sitting flat and level this also makes it easier to organize your food. The way many folks with wheeled coolers are accomplishing this is by simply shimming the insert level with the axle hump in the cooler.

Will the Cooler Insert work in a larger size cooler?

Yes, but keep in mind that many cooler manufacturers create larger capacity coolers by actually making them deeper. To ensure proper cooling in your cooler never stack food more than  2″ to 3″ above the top of your Cooler Insert.

Can I fill the Cooler Insert with water and then freeze it?

Yes!  In fact we refer to this as “Glacier” mode. Fill your insert with water to the bottom, curved edge of the finger indent area (stopping here allows for expansion as the water freezes). You can leave the siphon assembly and lid in place just make sure to tighten the lid only one quarter turn, as this allows the air to escape while freezing. Once your insert is frozen, remove the lid and fill the remaining space with cold water. When frozen, your Cooler Insert is the equivalent of a 23 pound block of ice with days of cooling capacity. * The Cooler Insert is freeze/thaw stable and everything is covered by our lifetime warranty.

How much ice will the Cooler Insert hold?

The current model holds approximately 13 +/- pounds of loose ice, this will vary depending upon the size and shape of the cubes used. When frozen the Cooler Insert is the equivalent of a 23 pound block of ice.

How long will ice last in the Cooler Insert?

The length of time the ice will last in your Cooler Insert is dependent upon a multitude of variables, including the starting temperature and quantity of food in your cooler, the type of cooler used, where it is located (sun or shade), outdoor temperatures and how often you open the lid just to name a few.

  • For those using the insert with ice cubes and water (mixed) average ice retention is 2 to 3 days.
  • For those using the insert while frozen (glacier mode) average ice retention is 4 to 5 days.
  • Results in your cooler may vary.
  • For best ice duration, always prechill your cooler interior and all of your food products before packing your cooler.
  • Read some of our testimonial letters to see how long the ice is lasting for other Cooler Insert users.
Does the Cooler Insert take up more room than using loose ice alone?

No! In fact it actually increases the useable storage space in your cooler. The Cooler Insert concentrates your ice into a tightly defined area. You also no longer need to protect your food with bulky plastic bags or water tight containers therefore giving you more available space in your cooler.

Can I use the Cooler Insert in my old cooler?

Absolutely, the Cooler Insert will work in many coolers regardless of age.

Do I need a Cooler Insert if I have a super insulated “extreme cooler”?

Extreme coolers extend the life of the ice but they don’t prevent the ice from melting and contaminating your food products. They also don’t provide you with fresh drinking water or easy organization of your food products as The Cooler Insert does. By combining your extreme cooler with a Cooler Insert you will enjoy the ultimate cooling experience.

How much does the Cooler Insert weigh empty?

The current model is a little less than 2-1/2 pounds when you include the lid and the siphon assembly.

How much weight can the Cooler Insert support?

At least 520 pounds (we stopped testing after that).

How do I clean my Cooler Insert?

We recommend after each use that you clean your insert inside and out with an antibacterial dish soap (or white vinegar) and hot water, rinse thoroughly and let air dry completely before storing. Easy to follow instructions are included with every Cooler Insert.

Are the materials used in manufacturing the Cooler Insert safe?

Every component of the CoolerMate Insert is manufactured from FDA approved, food grade plastics that are BPA free.

Can the Cooler Insert be filled with Iced tea, lemonade or various types of adult beverages?

While the Insert would probably work just fine we don’t recommend it, simply for sanitation and cleaning purposes.


“After thoroughly testing the Cooler Insert, it is definitely “Tailgate Approved”. Even though it took some getting used to the thought of all your food and drinks not physically touching a piece of ice, the Cooler Insert performed as promised. Food and drinks stayed cold and organized and most importantly, DRY. If you are a tailgater looking to have better organization of your cooler and keeping things dry and to easily replace frequently used items, I would highly suggest looking at a Cooler Insert.”
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